Researcher: Daniela Marques (MS&E Undergraduate)

Ultraviolet Responsive Polyurethanes with Variable Moduli Via Coumarin Moieties

A Path to Integration in Delicate Grasping Mechanisms for Humanoid Robotics


Daniela Marques, Erin Askounis, Qibing Pei

Sponsor: INTEL/ SRC Education Alliance


A polymer with ultraviolet (UV) responsive changes in stiff­ness can be utilized as a grasping mechanism for delicate objects

in humanoid robotics. A polymer synthesized using poly­ethylene glycol (PEG) (soft segment) with dihydroethoxy me­thyl

coumarin (DHEOMC) and hexamethylene diisocyanate (HMDI) (hard segment) exhibits a change in elastic modulus

after UV exposure.When exposed to long-wave UV (365 nm), crosslinking occurs – stiffening the polymer; short-wave

UV (254 nm) exposure reverses the reaction. Varying molecular weights of PEG (Mn = 200 and 400 g/mol) yields


poly­mers with different mechanical properties. The modulus changes in each polymer are

de­termined by dynamic mechanical analysis before and after exposure.

PEG200 demonstrated a larger modulus change after exposure than PEG400, due

to higher crosslinking density. The largest modulus change for PEG400 was 2.1-fold, while

                                          the PEG200 exhibited a 15-fold in­crease. Polymers exhibiting a large modulus increase

                                             is ideal for the enhancement of humanoid robot­ics.




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