Dr. H. Gillis    Professor H. Pat Gillis
Tel. (310) 206-9161
FAX (310) 206-7353

Adjunct Professor; Ph.D., The University of Chicago, Chicago,
IL., 1974

Research Interests

Application of surface science and chemical dynamics techniques to elucidate
fundamental molecular mechanisms and optimize practical processes.

Recent Publications

Books and Book Chapters

  • Oxtoby, David, W., Gillis, H.P., Nachtrieb,
    Norman, “Principles of Modern Chemistry”, 5th ed., Thomson-Brooks/Cole Publishers,
    (Thomson Learning Academic Resource Center), (2002)
  • Gillis, H.P., “Etching and Deposition”, In:
    Chapter C-18 in Encyclopedia of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry, Vol. I:
    Fundamentals, Institute of Physics Publishing, Bristol, John H. Moore and
    Nicholas D. Spencer (Eds.), 2613-2630 (2001)
  • Gillis, H.P., Martin, K.P., Choutov, D.A.,
    “Low Energy electron Enhanced Etching (LE4) of III-N Materials”, In: Chapter 16
    in GaN and Related Materials II, Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, New York,
    Stephen J. Pearton (Ed.), 663-675 (2000)
  • Smith, D.L., Gillis, H.P., Mayer, T.M.,
    “Elemental Analysis of Treated Surfaces”, In: Academic Press, New York, Auciello
    and D.L. Flamm (Eds.), 19-66 (1989)

Professional Activities

  • Member, American Chemical Society
  • Member, American Physical Society
  • Member, American Vacuum Society
  • Member, The Materials Research Society
  • Member, The Minerals, Metals, and Materials

Courses Taught

 Phase Relations in Solids
 Materials Science of Surfaces


Office Location

  • 2121-J Engineering V

Mailing Address

  • UCLA, HSSEAS School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    410 Westwood Plaza
    3111 Engineering V
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1595