Assoc. Adjunct Professor

Prof. Kosmas Galatsis  Professor Kosmas Galatsis
Tel. (310) 874 3024
FAX (310) 825 8621

Nanoelectronics, Novel emerging research logic and memory devices, Alternate State Variable Information Processing, Printed Thin Film Transistors, CNT sensors, Carbon based RF Transistors 

MBA, LaTrobe University, Finance Major, Melbourne, Australia, 2003-2004.
PhD, RMIT University, Electrical Engineering, Melbourne, Australia, 1999 – 2002.
B.Eng, Hons, Computer Systems Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 1995 – 1998.

Area of Thesis Guidance

Nanosensors, nanoelectronics, metal oxide material systems, binary metal oxides, semiconducting metal oxides, gas and liquid nanosensors and nanodevices.

Research Affiliations

  • Associate Director for the Semiconductor and Nanoelectronics STARNET FAME Center of Excellence (
  • Exec Director for the Center of Excellence Western Institute of Nanoelectronics Center (
  • Exec Director for Center of Excellence on Green Nanotechnologies
  • US Chairman of the International Program Working Group on Nanoelectronics (IPWGN)

Research Interests    

  • 1997 Australian Postgraduate Scholarship.
  • 1998 Awarded Top-Up Scholarship by the Collaborative Research Center on Microelectronics.
  • 1999 Awarded Best IEEE Graduate Paper in Australia, award by IEEE Australia Committee.
  • 2000 Awarded Collaborative Scholarship by University of Brescia, Italy.  
  • 2004 Awarded International Travel Research Grant by The Australian Science Academy.
  • 2006 Front cover of “IEEE Circuits and Devices Magazine” based on Emerging Memory Article, May/June.
  • 2008 Invited speaker at the International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Melbourne, Australia.
  • 2008 Invited presentation at the International Conference on Communication and Cooperation, Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2009 US State Department invitation as a nanotechnology representative on the S&T delegation to Cyprus.
  • 2009 Front cover of “IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology” based on Alternative State Variable Paper.
  • 2009 US State Department representative on nanotechnology on the S&T delegation to France, Paris.
  • 2010 Invitation from US State Department delegate on Center of Excellence and Start-up Incubation at the Joint Commission Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam.  


Selected Publications

  • Hwang, Yongha, Anh Phan, Kosmas Galatsis, Omar M.
    Yaghi, and Rob N. Candler. “Zeolitic imidazolate framework-coupled
    resonators for enhanced gas detection.” Journal of Micromechanics
    and Microengineering
     23, no. 12 (2013): 125027.

  • Zhang, Cher Xuan, En Xia Zhang, Daniel M. Fleetwood, Michael
    L. Alles, Ronald D. Schrimpf, Emil B. Song, Kosmas Galatsis, A. K. M.
    Newaz, and K. I. Bolotin. “Total ionizing dose effects and reliability of
    graphene-based non-volatile memory devices.” In Aerospace
    Conference, 2013 IEEE
    , pp. 1-8. IEEE, 2013.

  • Galatsis, Kosmas, Alexander Shailos, Ajey P. Jacob,
    and Kang L. Wang. “Alternative State Variables for Graphene
    Transistors.” In Graphene Nanoelectronics, pp. 93-111.
    Springer US, 2012.

  • Zhang, Cher Xuan, En Xia Zhang, Daniel M. Fleetwood, Michael
    L. Alles, Ronald D. Schrimpf, Emil B. Song, Sung Min Kim, Kosmas Galatsis,
    and Kang L. Wang Wang. “Electrical Stress and Total Ionizing Dose Effects
    on Graphene-Based Non-Volatile Memory Devices.” Nuclear Science,
    IEEE Transactions on
    59, no. 6 (2012): 2974-2978.

  • Rowlands, Graham, Tofizur Rahman, Jordan Katine, Juan
    Alzate, Alexey Kovalev, Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, Kosmas Galatsis et al.
    “High Speed Spin Torque Memory with Combined Perpendicular and In-Plane
    Polarizers.” Bulletin of the American Physical Society 56

  • K. Galatsis, Kang L Wang, Mihri Ozkan, Cengiz S Ozkan, Yu Huang, Jane P. Chang, Harold G. Monbouquette, Yong Chen, Paul Nealey, Youssry Botros, “Patterning and templating for Nanoelectronics” Advanced Materials, Vol 22, Issue 6, 2010
  • K. Galatsis.; Khitun, A.; Ostroumov, R.; Wang, K. L.; Dichtel, W. R.; Plummer, E.; Stoddart, J. F.; Zink, J. I.; Lee, J. Y.; Xie, Y.-H.; Kim, K. W., “Alternate State Variables for Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices”, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, Volume: 8  Issue: 1 Page(s): 66-75,  Jan. 2009
  • K. Galatsis and W. Wlodarski, “Carbon Monoxide Sensors and Systems”, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning CRC Press, London – New York, 2008
  • Wang, K.L.; Galatsis, K.; Ostroumov, R.; Khitun, A.; Zhao Zuoming; Han Song, “Nanoarchitectonics for Heterogeneous Integrated Nanosystems,” Proceedings of the IEEE , vol.96, no.2, pp.212-229, Feb. 2008.
  • V.Zhirnov, R.Calvin, G.Leeming, K.Galatsis. “An assessment of Integrated Digital Cellular Automata Architectures” Computer Magazine, January 2008, pp78.
  • K. Galatsis, R. Potok, and K. L. Wang, “A Review of Metrology for Nanoelectronics,” Semiconductor Manufacturing, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 20, pp. 542-548, 2007.
  • K. Galatsis, K. Wang, Y. Botros, Y. Yang, Y.H. Xie, J.F. Stoddart. R.B. Kaner, C. Ozkan, J.L. Liu, M. Ozkan, C.W. Zhou, K.W. Kim, “Emerging memory devices – Nontraditional possibilities based on nanomaterials and nanostructures”, IEEE Circuits & Devices 2006, 22 (3), 12-21.
  • K. Galatsis, Y. Li, W. Wlodarski, E. Comini, G. Sberveglieri, “Comparison of single and binary metal oxides of MoO3, TiO2, WO3 for gas sensing” Sensors and Actuators B, Vol B, 83/1-3, March 2002, pp 276-280.

Professional Activities

  • Book reviewer for Springer on Nanotechnology
  • Journal Reviewr IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology.
  • Contributor to International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) chapters on emerging research materials, architecture & spintronics.
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
  • Organizing committee member for the International Conference on Communication and Cooperation (INC)

Courses Taught

MSE 104: Science of Engineering Materials

Office Location

5412 Boelter Hall

Mailing Address

UCLA, FENA and WIN Centers 
5289 Boelter Hall
420 Westwood Plaza
3111 Engineering V
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1595