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ISMEN 2012

As we approach the end of Moore’s law, new paradigm is needed in order to combine the bottom-up self-assembly process and the top-down lithographic fabrication for enhancing the transition from micro to nanotechnology. A wide range of nanoscale materials and nanostructure-modified bulk materials with unique and technologically appealing properties is available. Opportunities in innovative materials research for enabling nanodevices are growing. Materials research is the rich ground for cross-fertilization among CMOS electronics, optical communication, MEMS/NEMS, energy, environment, healthcare, bio-medical devices, and 3D IC systems packaging for practical applications. To provide a forum for researchers around the world to exchange ideas and findings about the latest advances in materials properties, processes, and integration in areas of nano science and technology, the 1st ISMEN was held in National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, in September 2008 and the 2nd ISMEN was held at UCLA in September 2010, they were very successful. The ISMEN - III will aim to do the same. In addition, ISMEN - III will be dedicated to Professor James C. M. Li at University of Rochester to honor his life-time contributions to micro-mechanics and materials science. Among nano topics, micro- and nano-mechanics, nanomaterials, and nanodevices will be covered. Furthermore, nanomechanical behavior in stress related phenomena in nanoscale materials will be equally emphasized. Invited and poster sessions will be arranged in the three-day meeting.


Plenary Topics:

•Micro-Mechanics of Advanced Materials
•Nano-Mechanical Behaviors of Advanced Materials
•Nanomaterials, Nano- and Micro- Devices


When: August 27-29 2012

Time: 9 am to 6 pm

Where: CNSI

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