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Three students win MSE Best SEM Image Award

February 13, 2014

Three students win MSE Best SEM Image Award

Winner L to R: Yuan-Wei Edward Chang; David Rivera (accepting award for); Chun-Han (Matt) Lai

Three students won the MSE Best SEM Image Award.

1st Place: "Magnesium Shuffle" by Yuan-Wei Edward Chang (MSE/UCLA).
Description: This is Magnesium micro-pillar after compression. ~450 shear bands are apparently observed. Those shear bands are like shuffling poker.

2nd Place: "Mo Coated Re Dendrites" by David Rivera (MAE/UCLA).
Description: Mo coated Re dendrites for possible use in fusion reactors or electric propulsion devices.

3rd Place: "Carbon Honeycombs " by Chun-Han (Matt) Lai (MSE/UCLA).
Description: This image, taken by using low vacuum mode, shows ordered carbon skeletons made by polystyrene colloidal crystal templating process. The polystyrene templates were infiltrated with carbon precursor, followed by annealing process that solidified the carbon nanoarchitectures as well as burned out the polystyrenes. The carbon formed honeycomb structures that can perfectly compensate the residual stress caused by heat treatment. This carbon honeycombs can be used as a current collector for electrochemical devices.

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